Each gram contains Pdrs : Nimba 270 mg, Bhringraja 135 mg, Bhumyaamalaki 135 mg, Haritaki 135 mg, Yashada bhasma 100 mg, Exts : Kasani 113 mg , Arjuna 56 mg , Kakamachi 56 mg, Processed inKumari, Sunthi and Pippali.

Dosage :

As per prescribed by the consultant based on the tank condition

Benefits :

  • Protects liver from feed/water relaxed toxins/contaminants
  • Optimizes the utilization of feed ingredients, Promotes growth, Improves FCR & Resistance
  • Improves weight gain, fat metabolism and livability
  • Extra Cholin Chloride
  • Presentation : 5kg
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