Curall is a synergistic blend of 5 different potent disinfectants for use in Aqua culture systems. This combination with their own different mode of action assure the user of a fool proof disinfection in different stages of Aqua culture.


Glutradehyde 5%
B.K.C. 5%
Formaldehyde 5%
Copper sulphate 5%
Malachite Green 5%

Dosage :

1 Liter/Acre for Fish

½ Liter/ Acre for Shrimp

Benefits :

  • Effective against Red Disease, Dropsy, Columnaris, Bacterial gill disease, Tail & Fin Rot, Protozoan &Fungal infections
  • Effective against Viral, Bacterial & Fungal contaminants in water
  • Promotes Molting in hard shell diseases.
  • Presentation : 5 & 20 liter
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